Just in time for the holidays! Princess Online Arts & Crafts Parties will be happening in January! (Right after the holidays so the recipient doesn’t have to wait too long for the experience!!) 

The princess will send you a package in the mail. DO NOT open it until you are “live” in the Zoom! (Part because it’s a surprise and part because we do t want you to lose anything.) The Package will contain all of the supplies needed for the arts & Crafts and a few extra goodies from the princess! 

The Zoom will last 35 minutes and is limited to 10.
The Princess will interact with the kids and instruct them on how to complete the projects! 

Ages 5-10 with parental supervision. All ages welcome with parental support. 

Common Core Standards 
Creating, Presenting

LIMIT 10 Kids Per Party!

Cinderella $29
Friday, January 14 6:30 pm 

Snow White $29
Saturday, January 15 10:30 am

Beauty $29
Sunday, January 16 7:00 pm 

The Snow Princess $29
Friday, January 21 7:00 pm 

The Little Mermaid $29
Saturday, January 22 6:30 pm 

Arts & Crafts Online Princess Party